Age In Place

A key design tenet of the A.I.R. homes is to provide social interaction with others when, if and how you many choose to do so. The A.I.R. homes are designed to live to the street with large front porches and 4 season sunrooms.

Research has shown that loneliness can be more debilitating than commonly recognized health issues. Living in a home that provides the stage to interact with others from the comfort and privacy of your own front porch and sunroom is a benefit that comes standard with A.I.R. homes. This feature in addition to sunshine and fresh air is part of the active lifestyle we all crave and need. Surrounding the front of the home is a landscape package that provides for additional plantings and gardening subject only to Association and Township guidelines.

The rear of the homes provides an opportunity for a private deck or patio and a vegetable garden if one chooses subject only to association and Township guidelines. Having the opportunity to live inside and outside when and how you choose is a built-in option with all A.I.R homes.

Enjoy a quiet morning or private evening in your sunroom. Enjoy conversations with neighbors from the comfort of your front porch. Work outside in your front or back yard. Entertain from the privacy of your rear deck or patio.

Live in nature, live in functional comfort close to all the amenities, live in an A.I.R. Houzing home.

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