Simplify Life with a Universal Design Home

When considering a home purchase, buyers search for homes that accommodate their current needs, and needs they may have in the future. Addressing future needs can be difficult because standard housing is not typically designed to provide for the inherent diversity of people. Rather it is designed for the common denominator.

Builders are recognizing the need for housing that allows for the ever-changing characteristics and needs of homeowners and occupants by focusing on Universal Design principles. Universal Design is a movement in response to the need for adaptable housing, aiming to create an environment that is inclusive to all people while still having high aesthetic value. Universal design homes incorporate barrier free features like wider corridors and doors and zero tolerance thresholds, among other features. These designs make homes accessible to all and make a house feel more spacious.

Building adaptable housing accommodates anyone interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and living independently in an environment that supports and is responsive to their needs today and over time.

A.I.R Houzing is a community created using universal design homes and adaptable housing philosophies. Features include spacious master bathrooms with zero tolerance roman showers, adaptable and functional kitchens, elevators, smart house technology, an outside rear entrance door allowing direct access to the basement level for multi-generational living if desired.

A.I.R. Houzing goes above and beyond to include design that allows for various ways of entering the home including 2 ½ car attached garage with ramp and landing.

If you are considering a home with universal design principles or are interested in learning more we’d be happy to provide you with additional information about the A.I.R. Houzing community. Contact us today!

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