3 Reasons You Should Consider a Multi-Generational Home

If you are researching different styles of residential homes, you may come across the concept of multi-generational homes, where two or more generations of your family live together under the same roof.

All too often, when we make a decision to purchase a home, we don’t plan far enough ahead and the home doesn’t accommodate our changing needs. This is where the concepts of Universal Design and Multi-Generational Living come in. Here are a few reasons this type of design might be right for you.

1. Family Togetherness

Well-designed homes feature universal design. It is a concept for building, designing or remodeling a home so it’s more comfortable, convenient, safer and easier for people of all generations to use.

Universal design allows families to spend more time together while at the same time providing enough space for one another. Seniors can live within close proximity to their children and grandchildren, and maintain their own schedule and privacy. This ensures that the family connection is maintained while allowing a stronger relationship to grow.

2. Expense Sharing

Maintaining independence at every stage of adulthood is costly. Multi-generational homes allow families to share the financial burden. For example, older family members can provide childcare while younger adults can assist elderly relatives. Reducing travel between families saves money spent on gas and can eliminate airfares. Sharing expenses allows both generations to have more financial resources.

3. Potential Health Benefits

Living with family can help increase energy levels and reduce isolation thereby decreasing loneliness. Being around energetic children can increase physical activity in seniors and can keep them more engaged, while improving their mental and emotional well-being.

In turn, spending time with grandparents allows children to learn from the wisdom of previous generations. They learn about family history along with their culture and religion.

Multi-Generational Housing In Ann Arbor

A.I.R. Houzing recognizes the importance of multi-generational living. That is why A.I.R homes are more than just a house. They are designed as a functional, responsive tool to accommodate your active, independent lifestyle over time while providing you with required options built into the architecture and space planning design.

Are you ready for multi-generational living, or interested in learning more? We’d be happy to provide you with more information about the A.I.R. Houzing community. Contact us today!

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