Welcome to A.I.R. Houzing!

A.I.R. Houzing* = Active, Independent, Responsive Housing.

Active:  For active adults that work at staying active and enjoy doing so. Those who take care of themselves and care about their health and experiencing life to its fullest.

Independent:  For freedom of choice in all things.  Not wanting to be dependent upon anyone or anything.

Responsive:  For housing that is focused on and designed to accommodate the changing social and economic patterns of our society.


What makes this brand unique?


• A.I.R. Houzing designs and builds age-in-place housing products and communities. A.I.R. is not a senior housing product or a senior community.

• Communities are not age restricted.

• High-end, aesthetics-first, amenity-focused and functionally complete design.

• Marketed to empty-nesters and forward who are interested in an active, independent lifestyle as they travel along the path of life.

• A.I.R. communities will be located in markets with abundant proximate amenities, perfect for active, independent adults that appreciate the amenities vibrant communities offer.

• The philosophical basis of the A.I.R. Houzing product is founded in the Craftsman design tradition.  The main tenets of Craftsman design are: form follows function, simplicity, open rooms with abundant light, built-ins, and durable maintenance-free materials that reflect ties to nature and quality of craftsmanship.

• Homes are designed as sustainable and green. Maintenance will be completed by the Association.

  • Homes will have an array of smart features such as home security, audio-visual systems, personal safety, energy and telecommunications.


Our first community will be constructed in the “ScioView” development located in Township of Scio, City of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw, Michigan. Ann Arbor is the perfect community for the A.I.R. product because of its abundant amenities in proximate relation to the development, including an international airport, medical facilities, sports facilities, theater, art, music, restaurants, shopping, transportation, a diverse cultural community, and the University of Michigan.

Our company NONAGON, Inc., located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, created and owns the A.I.R. Housing brand. The principals have 40+ years of experience in the design, development, construction and management of all types of real estate projects including single family homes and single family developments.

*We use the spelling, “Houzing” to identify our brand, but our focus and products are “Housing” and communities.Thank you for your interest in A.I.R. Houzing. We look forward to being of service.